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Prophetic word for today (p.i.)

Mallard head

First preliminary posting: May 5, 2008

E-mailed: February 5, 2008

Word received by: John Edwards


[This is] a dream I had last night [February 4, 2008]. I thought it had significance because of the male mallard duck you had mentioned in a previous interpretation (Duct tape pt 3).


The dream:


I wake up in a new home construction project with many rooms still in their frame without Sheetrock. As I walk around the rooms, I see two ladies hunched over together, in black and white clothing. One female turns out to be the one who is having the house built; the other is her interior designer. Once I find this out, I begin to talk to the interior designer about her job. Not much [was] going on there except for her rude and "uppity" manner, which is generally common for interior designer[s], who are either [homosexual] or proudly self-righteous.


As we end our conversation, I head out through the open framed walls, turn to look over my shoulder, and say to the owner, "If you're wanting help from an interior designer in the future, give me a call." With that being said, I noticed the two of them talking with one another. As I exit the building, the interior designer comes out as if to question my ability to do her job. With that, we are looking at the outside of the house that is just getting its "sky-blue" siding on, and there are some multicolored wires hanging off the side of the roof. I make a comment about her design ability, [asking her whether] the hanging wires [were] her idea; she laughed and said "No".


As we walk further away from the house, we are talking about colors. Then I noticed the severed head of a male mallard duck laying in a shallow dimple in the ground. Even though it is dead, I said, "You can still see some of its brilliant colors". With a stick I am prodding the feathers so that the colors are visible, and [I] make a statement much like, "See, even in death, this mallard duck still can show some of its colors", and then the dream fades away.


{This addendum was sent the next day, on February 6, 2008}


The Holy Spirit reminded me last night that, as the dream was concluding, I was flicking the feathers gently on the severed duck's head with a broken branch limb. I was showing and telling the interior decorator that the bright, fluorescent-like, emerald green colors that were appearing with each stroke of the feathers were the colors I was looking for. Then the dream ended.


Our brief comments


{Fellow believer, if the Lord shares something with you regarding this vision, please let us know. Thank you.}


This dream has several elements to consider:



The two women represent the matriarchy of the "female" soul within the Church (and the world) during this 5th-seal stage. The woman the house was being built for represents the "first-beast" spirit, and the interior designer represents the spirit of the "second beast" that works to reaffirm the first beast's credibility after the spiritual damage inflicted on it by God's green-horse riders. As we have said before, the second-beast spirit is Jebusite-Hittite in nature, which explains why the interior designer was so "rude" and "uppity", since the Jebusite spirit is a "castes enforcer" that promotes an atmosphere of elitism that belittles the "little" people.



As indicated on, "Sheetrock" is a proprietary name for "gypsum board" or "plasterboard". As indicated on, "Sheetrock" is known as "Gibraltar rock" in New Zealand, which emphasises the spiritual connection between "Sheetrock" and "immovable rock". As we have said before, "rock" speaks of "spiritual nature", and we become "immovable" when we become One with God's immovable Spirit nature (Hebrews 12:25-29).


Sheetrock has a core of gypsum plaster sandwiched between thin paper sheets, which speaks of God's spirit nature wrapped in weak flesh. God's green-horse riders are aware of this, and they are willing to wrap themselves in vulnerability in order to die a Golgotha death. As they die, the veil of their flesh is rent open, and the immovable Spirit nature inside of them is made manifest (Matthew 27:50-54).



The two women's black-and-white clothing speaks of spiritual colour-blindness and simplicity. Since the matriarchal soul abhors God's judgements, she is unable to grow in God's deep wisdom; since she is bent on man's traditions rather than God's teachings, she becomes stuck in religious paradigms that have the appearance of piety but are actually stale exercises in futility.


By contrast, God's spirit-centred believers become aware of God's fractal nature, especially as they progress through the green-horse stage of their walk. They become aware of the inherent complexity of God's wisdom, and they are willing to believe that God has endowed them with the mind of Christ to understand that complexity. They become aware of the multi-faceted, multi-coloured nature of the world around them. This is illustrated by the multi-coloured wires in the dream, as well as by the brilliant, fluorescent-like colours that emanated from the mallard's feathers. Even in death, the mallard emanated emerald-green colours that were full of life. By contrast, the two women emanated lifeless, black-and-white colours even when they were physically alive.



When brother John walked through the home, he noticed that there was "not much going on there" except for the interior designer's "rude and 'uppity' manner". Fellow believer, you can rest assured that any place dominated by the first- and second- beast spirits will most definitely become a place of pitifully incomplete work, a place full of excuses for all the core things that have been left undone, a place of evident and shameful nakedness that is self-deceivingly denied.


The above is the spiritual reason why brother John speaks of interior designers being either homosexual or self-righteous. As we share in the "Duct tape (Part 3)" word referred to by brother John, a battle against homosexuality is, at the end, a battle against Korah, who is the arch-nemesis of God's green-horse riders. Korah is a spirit of self-deception, and homosexuality is one of the most overt forms of self-deception, since it leads people to believe that they belong to a gender they evidently do not belong to. The Korah spirit causes people to readjust their judgement system in order to self-righteously stand on and uphold principles that are clearly flawed and untrue. This is the reason why homosexuals become so self-righteous about their homosexuality, launching vitriolic revenge (Sodom-style) against anyone who so much as dares to question their lifestyle.



As brother John exits the building, the interior designer launches an attack against him for having dared to question her ability, and she does so by questioning brother John's ability. This is a typical Korah tactic. When Korah sees his errors pointed out, he is quick to point out the "errors" in others, this in a concerted effort to take the focus off of his mistakes and on to the "mistakes" and shortcomings of others. Being self-deceived, Korah constantly rearranges his judgement system so as to shift blame away from himself and on to others. This is how he can stand naked before others and still believe wholeheartedly that he is fully clothed.


When brother John asked the interior designer whether the multicoloured wires hanging off the side of the roof were her idea, she laughed and said "No". This, again, is a case of Korah-style denial. The multi-coloured wires represent the fractal, green-horse remnant who weave roots (i.e.- wires) in the underground as they carry out their invisible pipe work. They perform the foundational spiritual work required to carry out the Earth's metamorphosis from a soul-bound system to a spirit-centred system. Korah and his followers have no interest in this type of foundational work, and they are totally against its intended results. Because of this, they prefer to leave those carrying out this work "out in the cold". They would rather have them idle and decommissioned. Since many of those who side with Korah try to play on both sides of the fence (deceiving themselves into thinking that they are pleasing God whilst at the same time fulfilling their own personal agenda), they are prone to making empty promises to God's remnant, only to leave them "hanging out to dry", in typical Tyrian-betrayal fashion. All of this explains why the multicoloured wires were hanging outside rather than embedded inside, up on the roof as an expendable decoration rather than down in the house's foundation as an essential component. Spiritually speaking, Korah and his followers prefer to hide God's treasures up in the attic rather than allow those treasures to blossom, for in their blossom lies the key to ending their soulish domain and setting up God as Head on Earth.