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Prophetic word for today (p.i.)

Left unattended

First preliminary posting: May 19, 2008

E-mailed: April 29, 2008

Word received by: Wendy Borchers


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Last night I dreamed that a tornado had come and taken a baby from out from under me. I was at a house of some sort, or a church, maybe, with several people, including my sister and her three girls. There was a huge line of tornados coming for us. We saw it; someone yelled out they were coming. Someone said, "My girls, save my girls". I left the baby I was attending to to go and help get the girls from out of the basement. When they were out, I remembered the baby. I ran back in just in time to see the tornado's swirling wind hit the corner of the house. Some of the wind went up the baby's nose. I jumped around the corner to lie on the baby, but it wasn't much use. There wasn't much to hold on to and I think the baby was sucked out from under me. Someone, I think the mother, was very angry at the person whose children were rescued. She yelled out that someone should have rescued the baby first because it was very vulnerable and could not walk out on its own. I felt very guilty that I had listened to the first person, helping to rescue the older children before the baby. I tried to console the mother of the infant, but she was of course inconsolable.


As I was typing this and thinking about the dream as well as the huge miracles happening in Florida right now, I suddenly had a thought ... The baby in the dream is the remnant. The healing miracles and the manifestations are the older children. The tornado is that which comes to destroy the "house". I listened to the loud cries of the mother, the pastor/teacher, for help instead of turning my attention to the one who needed it the most, the infant. I have been very tempted to pay close attention to what is going on in Florida instead of the unseen workings of the Spirit concerning the remnant coming out of the 5th seal to the 6th. I almost listened too closely to the cries of what's going on now (forsaking the unseen, still helpless remnant) [looking] for soul peace and manifestation of miracles, healings, and signs and wonders. Forgive me, Lord! I believe my dream was a warning dream; rescue the baby first. Don't leave them to be sucked away by the tornado coming.


It was very disturbing in my dream to see the wind of the tornado take almost a smoky mist form and go into the baby's nostrils. It was so very close that all I could do was throw my weight on the baby, but I couldn't hold it. If I would have gotten the baby out of the house, I believe the toddlers could have been rescued too. Lord, let us not forsake the infant! Forgive us for listening to the cries of something louder and turning our attention away from the remnant. Lord, thank you for the warning. Watch the remnant, protect them.



Our brief comments


{Fellow believer, if the Lord shares something with you regarding this dream, please let us know. Thank you.}


This dream has several elements to consider:



The 3 girls point to the "3 nuns" mentioned in a previous word, which represent the "Amorite-Canaanite-gone-Jebusite" nature of the matriarchal beast. The 3 young girls represent the future continuation of that spirit within the Church. The matriarchal spirit is struggling to have those girls reach adult age and continue the matriarchal beast's reign for another generation. Thus, the 3 girls' mother represents the matriarchal beast's reign during this generation, and she is crying out for help because she sees how her dynasty is on the road to extinction.



God's remnant are a group of faithful believers who are constantly growing in their spiritual maturity. In that sense, therefore, they are believers who are spiritual babies only for a short season, and, as a group, they are a rather mature spiritual army. Thus, the baby in the dream is not so much a figure of the remnant's spiritual growth but rather a figure of their manifestation on Earth. Even though the remnant are a rather steely group, their full-blown manifestation inside the Church and on the Earth is a rather vulnerable one. Why? Because it depends on the will of others. God will not manifest His nature where He is not wanted, unless it is to irremediably destroy those who have hated Him (Matthew 21:31-41). The impartation of His nature requires that He clothe Himself in vulnerability, exposing Himself to the attacks of others, thus testing who is truly for Him and who is against Him. In short, the baby represents the vulnerable future the remnant are exposed to for God's sake, a future that is vulnerable to the will of others. In that sense, the remnant are "helpless" unless there is someone willing to protect them.



The baby's mother represents the remnant's soul. The soul of believers with the remnant spirit become frustrated when they see their future jeopardised by either the negligence or the antagonism of others. Their frustration is not derived from a pursuit of personal interests but rather from a pursuit of God's purposes on Earth. Fellow believer, when you choose to abide in Christ, you become a personification of God on Earth; wherever truth is promoted, you will be promoted, and wherever truth is denied, you will be denied. The way your future is treated by others becomes a reflection of how interested they truly are in seeing God manifested in their future.



The tornado that approached the house represents the "great tribulation". The wind that went into the baby's nostrils represents the invisible, inner turmoil that God's remnant are to go through during this time. As we have studied before, the "great tribulation" is first endured by the righteous, and it is a tribulation that goes largely unnoticed by the natural eye (but is very real to the righteous who endure it). This inner turmoil endured by the righteous triggers God's visible vindicating tribulation against those who doggedly uphold the soul over the Spirit, paving the way for the birthing of God's spiritual kingdom on Earth. When God created man, His original intention was for man to birth His Kingdom into the Earth without pain, but man's fall made it necessary for woman (i.e.- "the soul of man") to go through great pains in order for His Kingdom to be birthed (Genesis 3:16). In the righteous, those pains are sacrificial in nature; in the unrighteous, they are punishment that gets them out of the way.