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Prophetic word for today

Bloody sword

First posted: July 7, 2008

E-mailed: June 6, 2008

Word received by: Paula DeLisse


Only thing I know is I was to send this picture I saw online. It was displayed at 12:09 CDT [(-6 GMT)].



Our brief comments


Notice that the sword cuts right across the middle of America. This image points to the line right down the middle of the US map in the "civil war" vision.


Through no deliberate intention of our own, the Lord prompted us to post this word today, 7 July, 2008. Interestingly enough, we received this word via email on 6 June 2008. This means that we received it on 6/6 and posted it on 7/7 (of '08). This speaks of a transition from "6" into "7". As we have shared before, America was willing to make a transition from "6" to "7", but was unwilling to leap from "7" into "8" in order to fulfil her calling. Because she became stuck halfway between "6" and "8", there is a spiritual sword of 6th-seal vengeance now hanging over the middle of her.


Sister Paula saw this picture at 12:09 [am] local time, which is 9 minutes into 6/6. The number "9" speaks of God's extraordinary regenerating dunamis, a dunamis that comes in judgement to regenerate America's spirit realm, ending the domination of the 2 "female" ministries and spawning the rise of God's 3 "male" ministries. This is why the minute "9" (=3 x 3) is featured in the context of a date (6/6) dominated by the number "6" (=2 x 3). The "female" ministries that emphasise the soul are about to be overturned by the "male" ministries that emphasise the spirit. It has required intense unnecessary suffering on the remnant's part for over 3 years, but it shall surely come to pass.