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Prophetic word for today
Bloody baby


When I saw this image I was struck by the thought loudly in my inner self...


Bloody Baby....


Bloody baby on American map



Our brief comments


Notice how the bloody baby is wrapped in blue, which represents the "blue prayer shawl" God's green remnant are wrapped to die in. The fact that the baby is coming up from the South speaks of how God shall raise David "from the South", from a place of weakness and relegation to a place of strength and prominence so that all of mankind may be blessed, for David is a servant who will enable others if he is enabled; he will lift up others if he himself is lifted up.


Since the nomination of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate, the Lord has had me thinking a great deal about the issue of abortion, and my heart has been stirred to wrath over the way the media, Barack Obama, and the rest of the Democrats have viciously attacked her. They envied her popularity, and, since they saw her as vulnerable, they did everything in their power to ruthlessly murder her character. They have constantly referred to her in derisive, belittling terms such as "moose shooter" and "disabled". Obama intentionally used his "lipstick" comment to ridicule her, hiding behind the fact that the "lipstick on a pig" phrase has been used by others before (he paused for a second and covered his face with his hand before making the comment, which is a sign both of premeditation and hidden intentions; he immediately removed his hand from his face after the comment had been "blurted" out, and he paused for a couple of seconds in order to allow the word "lipstick" to sink in and produce its desired effect; he knew what he was doing, but he did it anyway). This intention to murder the vulnerable is inherent in the abortion spirit (of which Obama is a supporter). As we have studied before, the abortion spirit is intimately tied to the Perizzite spirit that leaves people spiritually crippled (this is the spiritual reason why Democrat Charles Rangel, the chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means, subconsciously chose the word "disabled" to refer to Sarah Palin, as you can see on a video). The Perizzite spirit tells people, "Who do you think you are? How dare you think you are important?", and that is the central message behind the attack that Obama and the Charles-Gibson-style media have launched against her. There is a Spirit-of-Philadelphia mantle on Sarah Palin, and the Perizzite spirit is Philadelphia's opposite. That is why the 5th-seal beasts are using the Perizzite spirit to launch an "enclosure" attack against the governor from a sparsely-populated, faraway state who dares to dream that she can be the Vice President of the United States.


As a state senator in the matriarchal state of Illinois, Obama voted against a law that would have required that medical assistance be provided to any baby who survived an abortion (abortion doctors sometimes suffocate a foetus or leave him or her to die if they are unable to kill him or her inside the womb). Obama argued that there was already a law in the books that protected such babies and that voting in favour of the new law would set a precedent that might help the pro-life people overturn Roe v Wade. Interestingly enough, the same "there-is-already-a-law-for-it" argument was used in the past to prevent the enactment of laws in America that defended the right of black people to vote, yet I would be surprised if Obama would have raised the same objection had the law he was voting on been related to some civil rights issue. This dark stain in Obama's past, a stain which he has no remorse over, was raised in a television news programme I watched recently in which they were interviewing a young woman who had survived an abortion (a video of the interview is available on The Lord also led me to see an interview with a nurse who cradled an aborted baby in a Chicago hospital for 45 minutes until he died; the parents had chosen to abort him because he had Down Syndrome, and after the abortion, the baby had been tossed aside and left to die all alone before this nurse chose to honour his life by cradling and rocking him until he died (a video of this interview is also available on Tears are welling up in my eyes and wrath is stirring up in my heart just thinking about all of this. The blood of the aborted babies is crying out to God, and that cry shall not go unheard. The 6th-seal vindicating vengeance of the Lord is at hand!


As we share all of the above, it is important to emphasise that the Perizzite spirit of abortion is alive and well inside the American Church. As long as the so-called "ministers" keep crippling their brethren, declaring them to be less "anointed" and "spiritually gifted" than they are, the spirit of literal abortion outside the Church will continue, for you cannot conquer an enemy without that you have failed to conquer within (Matthew 7:5, Revelation 6:2). No matter how much political activism and how many protests American Christians engage in, the American Church will be utterly unable to uproot the scourge of abortion from America's soil until she deals with the spiritual root issues first. As long as the Church continues to abort the spiritual calling of God's people, she shall remain unable to stop the abortion of literal babies in the natural realm. By working to cripple God's remnant people, the Church herself becomes a pathetic cripple, even as she is led by her aggrandised "ministers".


The Church allowed the spirits of evil within her to abort the manifestation of God's remnant in 2005, but the bloody baby survived the abortion and is back, and he is back with a vengeance. The Lord's vindication is most definitely at hand!