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Copyright information


The articles posted on this Web site are freely available to all. You may download the articles and share them with anyone else electronically or in printed form, as long as you do not profit from the transaction and as long as you do not appropriate the "writing credit". Our fervent desire is to freely share what God has freely given unto us.


You may also freely quote from articles in this site in any type of written material, even if the material is sold for economic profit, as long as the content of the articles is not the centrepiece of the material being sold for profit.


Feel free to translate the postings on this website to any other language, as the Lord leads you, and feel free to post them on your website (under the simple conditions stated above). We would be blessed, however, if you let us know about any translation you have made. That way, we can refer other visitors to your translations in case someone asks.


If you translate content posted on this website, please translate it as accurately and "literally" as possible, making sure that the original intent of the words does not "get lost in the translation". We also ask that you provide the reader with information or a way to access the content in its original language. You are free to distribute your translations, as long as you do not profit from the distribution.


Unless otherwise stated, all Bible quotes included in the articles come from the original King James translation of the Bible, which is public domain literature.


Explanations of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words are derived from information in Strong's Concordance, which is freely available on line on websites such as


We generally use Strong's Concordance and other word-meaning sources as references, deriving our own conclusions from the information they present and from other facts related to the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic texts that we may find independently.